Become a Standard Property and Casualty Independent Insurance Agent

Are you an entrepreneurial individual who enjoys the idea of working with policyholders towards a common goal? Are you a talented negotiator who never fails to close a deal? Do you like the idea of working independently in your own personal business venture? Working as a Standard Property and Casualty Insurance Company independent agent can provide you with all the independence and opportunity you seek in your professional life.

As a professional Standard Property and Casualty independent agent, you have the ability to exercise a great deal of freedom over your work schedule, income, and policyholder relations. Standard Property and Casualty agents work as liaisons between the company and its policyholders, responding to policyholders' needs and concerns by determining the insurance products that best suit their lives. If you enjoy working with people and you would like to help others every day in your professional life, Standard Property and Casualty is interested in hearing from you.

Working with Standard Property and Casualty, you will always feel confident in the products you are offering to policyholders. Standard Property and Casualty

thoroughly trains all insurance agents that represent the company, and you will always have Standard Property and Casualty representatives and resources available to you that can clarify any questions or issues regarding the sale of a policy. The only thing you need to get started as a

Standard Property and Casualty agent is motivation. There is no monetary investment on your part, and Standard Property and Casualty will take care of providing you with the training and knowledge you need to handle your first few policyholder interactions.

There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than creating something of your own from the ground up. Your

agency will be yours and yours alone, and you will reap the rewards of your successes. If you are looking for a professional opportunity that will allow you to enjoy the reputation and expertise of a company that's been successfully doing business since 1921, consider Standard Property and Casualty Insurance Company.

Standard Property and Casualty will be there for you throughout your entire business venture, from the very outset until the day you decide to move on to retirement. At Standard Property and Casualty, relationships are of the utmost importance, and you can be sure that you will enjoy a long and productive relationship with us.

Do you have any questions, or are you interested in finding out more about how to become an agent? Fill out the form below to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Become an independent insurance agent and represent Standard Property and Casualty in the Illinois and Indiana area.

Standard Property and Casualty Rating

National insurance reports rates Standard Property and Casualty annually, and we only deal in non-assessable policies. Standard Property and Casualty is backed financially by reinsurers who have rated us as "Excellent" by A.M. Best Company.
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For the utmost in fairness and dependability, Standard Property and Casualty pledges to provide optimal insurance options that meet and exceed policyholder expectations time and time again.
Standard Property and Casualty Insurance Company
PO Box 1020 | Winston Salem, NC 27102
phone: 866-469-3968

Standard Property and Casualty Insurance Company
PO Box 1020
Winston Salem, NC 27102

phone: 866-469-3968